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As an artist I have always found great comfort in observing the sky and its clouds. The vastness of these moving masses of vapor never fails to remind me of my tiny place in the universe. I am inspired by the connection between the vastness of nature and my own internal world of emotions. I paint skyscapes on gilded surfaces, with a focus on atmospheric elements and clouds to explore a dimension  between the physical and spiritual world. In this realm of intangible skies where nothing is really defined, the viewer can see the vague reflection of themselves surrounded by swirling clouds that obscure the pure golden light of the gilded surface. My choice to use gold leaf comes from my background working as a gilder and the fact that the gilded surface has always been symbolic of divinity in many different cultures and religions.


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“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.”

Mark Rothko



Florence, Italy

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